Version 6.4A (january 2024)

Account : new topic for the online Accounts for eXpress and Keylock orders + eXpressUsb

SPC : adapted display for the SPC = Software Product Code > prices > PC

eXpress Usb keylock table : see INTELEC installers

License Name : adapted the rule for the License Name, read Remark 7 (#)

Username : adapted dialog username (larger input)

Search : adapted dialog for Search files in the Project Manager

Import installations : adapted import installations : remember the type (csv or nen) and extended HELP + confirmation Import_RxK

(Windows) Bugs : topic bugs is extended with more details about the GDI+ and GPU

Power : more details in the HELP at the installation data regarding the total Powers and the PSM (note)

Reactive Power : in the PSM the reactive Power Q is displayed at 2 decimals accurate

Delete Distributor : the selected Distributor can only be deleted in case of 1 downstream Distributor with the netcables on the same horizontal row (message max=1)

Shield : correction display PE / Shield (Shield must be present) + new button Sà adapt the PE / Shield Core-size temporary : read Note 2

Raise Cs or IN : correction (repair) display PE / Shield after raising the Phase Core-size or nominal IN (since 6.1C : csv import)

Cable Manager : added dimension in the Cable Manager for column S [mm2]

Type FB / FE : adapted layout databases conductors for Functional protection Type FB/FE > use Specific Conductors (note 1+2)

set FB/FE directly : new miscellaneous User adjustment to directly adapt the Type FB/FE for standard cables : read remark 4

xml data : the xml conductor data is extended with field <fbfe> for Type FB/FE

bepaalkabel : message Error bepaalkabel is adapted with extra details about the conductor

Help : in case the index of chm files is not visible read this Remark

export + import csv : correction display errors (export) + correction import to prevent reset Power

Bugs+corrections : correction display scheme at direct start with Folder options; correction import csv (P); correction PE / Shield; correction display conductors (FB/FE)

New developments : INTELEC SaaS + Cloud + BIM Revit plugin + integration databases Schneider Electric...