Version 6.3A (january 2023)

SaaS : INTELEC (Wnet64.exe, dual mode) can be started in any HTML5 webbrowser as SaaS; read remark 11

INTELEC Service : the <PauseStart> delay is implemented in ISservice.exe before creating the process read remark 2+12; new button SC

Windows Server 20xx : detailed instructions for installing on Windows Server 20xx (xx=16 or later)

Debtor ID : the Debtor number is now visible in dialog License / version for eXpress

PV buttons : new buttons PV + Sec + input DC/AC ratio + PV inverter efficiency [%] in dialogs database manager and database (transformers)

PV database : add new PV inverters directly in the installation or to the specific database manager Transformers / UPS / PV + scan database

PV inverter : new selection to connect à PV inverter with the Distributor Manager + button w = PV wizard; read note 4 for PV project examples; see remark 10

PV inverter + DC : enter total DC installations behind PV inverters : open the Distributor Manager and select to connect à PV inverter etc...

PV wizard : generate arrays with PV solar panels on distributors behind the PV inverters with the PV wizard > also in right mouse menu

PV symbol : the display symbol 061405S for PV inverters is adapted (mirrored); read DC cable PV method 2

PV dialog : adapted layout PV dialog with new data : Pres + Uf + effic + dc/ac + GLT + Wp + kWP + LE + IN + Tapping; read all remarks

PV solar panels : added in dialog connect Power / Supply : Supply > PV solar panels + added symbol PV solar panels + button S

PV Manager : new dialog and toolbar button PV Manager with all details for the PV supplies > also in right mouse menu

Wp dialog : enter / edit  Watt peak values for PV installations (data=view + edit)

Overload : new column ov% in the Power Supply Manager for the maximal overload [%] for UPS and PV

Power-list : new entry added in the Power-list : symbol PV solar panels; read remark 4 + correction edit list

failures : extended dialog review failures in the installation for incorrect PV configurations

extra reduction Fer : apply extra reduction factor Fer according 52.B.5; adapted columns 36+90 for the export + import csv

Cable Manager : extended the Cable Manager with columns T + Fer according 52.B.5; you can deactive the Cpr (button Cpr active not pressed=inactive=0) : read remark 2

Internet + timeout : check internet correction (proxy) and raised timeout for eXpress to 30 minutes (not registered)

Main menu : correction enter new installation with the Project Manager in the Main menu (draw MS+V01)

Selectivity : correction display Analysis Selectivity (adapted index)

dialog Users : the width for dialog User adjustments is adapted adapted topic characteristics

Power : enter the Transformer / UPS / PV power [kVA] up to 2 decimals accurate and visible at the reviews up to 1 decimal (rounded)

Phases : direct check and adapt the conductor to the Transformer / UPS / PV according the phases > 1F+N; also after replacing the Transformer / UPS / PV

motor efficiency : the motor "output" has been adapted to motor "efficiency"

Cs+ : skip the confirmations for raising the nominal protection IN and the Core-sizes Cs+

Scan : scan databases + auto update : read remark 4; correction adapt manufacturer Transformer / UPS / PV

SMT : the SMT is displayed at 3 decimals accurate; read remark 10; display the SMTs on the reviews : V, Pve  and PS

Power : the Power (P,Q,S) in the PV Manager and Power Supply Manager are displayed at 3 decimals accurate

Bugs+corrections :correction Losses[%], correction Selectivity and enter new installation; correction results (PV:sdc=0); correction display column Fas for Pxx; correction A(k) (min=4); see notepad