Version 5.9A (january 2019)

eXpress + Licenses

eXpress : extensions for the 64 bit eXpress version (networking); adapted running Licenses (Clients); new button start Wnetxx; new Wnet.ini; IPv6 support; new version HID

Registration : aangepaste layout dialoog Registration : Error code + refresh + ini +extra Messaging (Force)

License Manager : new dialog  License Manager for managing eXpress Licenses : Edit, Renew, UNregister, INTELEC Service TCP monitor, extra Messaging (Force) etc...

TCP monitor : TCP monitor for running network Clients + Send messages to Clients (msg)

Installer : adapted installer; execute the INTELEC_Service commands in the License Manager

Admin button installer : new button 'admin' to check Administrator rights (restart with elevation)

eXpress Status message : when the program is started as INTELEC service the eXpress Status Messages will be displayed read remark 5

Keylock C+L : adaptions for keylock type C+L, which solves Windows 10 problems for Wnet32 + Wnet64

Already running : the restriction for maximal 1 instance of the application on the same machine is disabled

Distributor data : revocered the input for distributor / cable names (was disabled); see also the Cable Manager

Generator Ge01 : adapted the voltage loss calculations for IBnet (=0) and Pvm (>0)  for generator Ge01

Collection : correction display connection-code Collection (Vxx) output to printer

French language : select the French launguage for Printing the IEC-60634 calculations : see Language : button P (read remark 3)

Search cables (conductors) : enter the headword to search the database Conductors, i.e. x150 of Al

ISservice 5.9 : new INTELEC_Service (version 5.9) with messaging and adapted to the latest Windows platforms (W10+, Server 2016+); read remark 4+5+6

Registry : correction Registry for the installer (32 bits : was Wow6432Node); correction 5.9A-1 is updated on 18-02-2019

IS-CAD : IS-CAD is now available for the networklock (type S) and eXpress (no timelimit) and is free to use with IS-CableNet + IEC-30364 (read the notes) and this :

59A-6 : extensions in TCP dialog : Client IP's + Timer settings : ..wait_ms is replaced by ..live_ms with default 30s; added loop test; reConnect Clients; use NetworkTrafficView in case of No ConnectionBugs+corrections

59B-1 : in the License Manager button 'Move License' is removed : Post UC directly after UNregister; improved Client-Server communication extensions

Bugs+corrections : correction display max cos-phi (UPS); correction start INTELEC_Service; correction display HELP;  correction Distributor Manager (reset operations); correction IBnet + Pvm for generator Ge01


Version 5.9C (september 2019)

Specific Polynomials : enter polynomials (krb) and generate the kfb-files to add as specific protections in the installation in tabpage Protection

Save Specific Polynomials : read miscellaneous User adjustments (CableNet General) : Save Specific Polynomials in the installation (default = off) : read remarks

Polynomials : adapted dialog Polynomials : select manufacturer and button Specific Poly $ + KRB + KFB + del + tooltips; button polynomial is changed to thermical (CB's)

Polynomen\ : the subfolder \nen\Polynomen for the Polynomen will be generated (inclusive template polygoon.krb)

Tooltips protection : extra tooltips : move the mouse over Type protection (code Circuit Breaker)

Database Veiligstd.dbs : Added  the Abb S200 Circuit Breakers (M UC)  types B, C, K and Z, AC (a#) and DC (d#)

Database Veiligstd.dbs : Added  the Eaton Circuit Breakers type D and added the Lower bounds for B,C and D

DC protection : message in case a DC protection is used with frequency > 0 (AC)

Report : generate the eXpress Report also for Clients

API + Polynomials : extended General Program Adjustments and Polynomials with dialog input value; adapted dialog height