Version 5.8B (june 2018)

eXpress : new technology for the INTELEC eXpress Software (windows 10 x64 security compatible) ) for the 64 bit version

Registration dialog : aangepast Registration dialoog : layout + License Code, admin, VM, Debtor ID, Hardware ID, Status + License Manager

Interface + ID : the new eXpress interface is more easy to use and the hardware ID's are extended upto 8x4 bytes

Trial dialog : adapted the Trial dialog with extended hardware ID 8x4 bytes

License Manager : new dialog  License Manager for managing eXpress Licenses : Edit, Renew, UNregister etc...

UNregister : new UNregister procedure without Login and let the application (server) run, untill you activate the new key; read topic Registration

TT system : dialog Earth groundwire resistance Rv adapted (open with key A); adapted message Zc x Ia < Ua (was RA x Ia)

Distributor data + prints : display Rv <  with 2 decimals accuracy (< 0 is not allowed)

Voltage factor : correction display voltage factor c in the tooltip + results for the main Power supply ( MV / LV )

Administrator rights : new button 'admin' for Administrator rights (and restart with elevation) : main menu + dialog Registration

Cabsol : message for Cabsol cables (Al) : only available with CPR class : Dca

Method 23 : correction (bug) chains for installation method 23 [NEN-1010:2015] table 52.B.17 is now item 3 (was item 2)

Method 30 : the bitmap for installation method 30 [NEN-1010:2015] is adapted to basic method C (was EF)

DC cable PV : click the PV inverter symbol in the scheme to open the dialog for the DC cables from PV to inverter

Print + export + calculate DC cables : in dialog Printen / Export Conductors print + export + calculate the activated DC cables (PV)

Reset Netcables : dialog reset Netcable(s) extended with button Delete all DC cables

Standard Calculations : the IEC-60364 defaults are extended with the default (5) for the DC cables (PV)

Tooltips : the Tooltips are extended with more information for connections, Supplies + DC cables

Results : results + prints adapted with PV data : see DC cable data; also for Generator-supplies

Cable trays : in the input dialog for the number of cables trays the used tables are visible.

Cut-off currents : added the cut-off current for gG fuses for Eaton (product NH); new selection Product (fuse)

Cable information : adapted Conductor information Scheme : removed minus sign before length for connections (same as Net cables)

Loaded 100% : correction display Power Supply Manager (Rb% and Load >= 100%)

CPR classification : for Collections the number of incorrect groups [x] is displayed : i.e. V03 [x] : read remark 7

Export : field 92 is extended from 30 to 45 characters : read export calculations

Distributor Manager : new selection (Combobox) for the extra functions in the Distributor Manager

Copy Distributors : improved generating chain of connections (closer to each other)

PVC < 6 mm2 : (de)activate the message : use PVC for 1-core conductors < 6 mm2 at the miscellaneous User adjustments

Bug Vectors : correction heap-allocation in  the routine Vectors : exit routine cumulative voltage losses solved

Bugs+corrections : correction display message  TT-system : RA x Ia; correction display voltage factor c (tooltip+res); correction display IN < IB-tol (tolerance=0.05; read remark 7); correction calculation (Length 1-core); correction Export list (2 phases)

Version 5.8C (september 2018)

eXpress : extensions for the 64 bit eXpress version (networking); adapted running Licenses (Clients); new button start Wnetxx; and TSC (or service); new Wnet64.ini

Registration : adapted layout dialog Registration : Error code + refresh + ini + TCP + TSC

Installer : check the INTELEC_Service; before installing; execute the INTELEC_Service commands in the License Manager

Keylock C+L : adaptions for keylock type C+L, which solves Windows 10 problems for Wnet32 + Wnet64

Already running : the restriction for maximal 1 instance of the application on the same machine is disabled

Distributor data : for adapting the distributor / cable names use the Cable Manager

Collection : correction display connection-code Collection (Vxx) output to printer

French language : select the French launguage for Printing IEC-60634 output : see Language : button P (read remark 3)

Bugs+corrections : correction display max cos-phi (UPS); correction start INTELEC_Service