Version 6.1A (january 2021)


Arc Flash Manager : implementation of the IEEE 1584 - 2002 for Arc Flash calculations; added in Toolbar buttons

3-Phases results : the results for the Arc Flash calculations are visible at the 3-phases short-circuits > column "E : Cat"

Project data : for the Arc Flash settings open dialog Project adjustments (general) and dialog Distributor data (individual); see also button Pà 

Project : adapted the Project adjustments for the Arc Flash calculations; display the installation in the dialog-header

Arc Flash labels : the Arc Flash results can be printed on Arc Flash labels > use IS-CAD for adapting your own labels

Power Supplies : new Toolbar button for the Power Supply Manager; read remark 3

Menus CableNet : menu Operations CableNet is extended with the Power Supply Manager inclusive the new icon

Menus CableNet : menu Operations CableNet and menu integral Calculations are extended with the Arc Flash Manager; also in Right-mouse menu

Visual Studio : a number of adjustments for the conversion to the actual version Visual Studio (16.7.6 : C++)

Virtualstore : read the Help topic installation + updates about the windows virtualstore

Error E13 : unjustified status Express E13 adjusted to the correct message E12

Status : automatic save the status of the toolbar after executing integral Calculations (correction)

Specific Databases : new video INTELEC_Polynomials.exe for adding Specific Polynomials + Specific Conductors

Polynomials : new button to start  the video in dialog Specific Polynomials

Instruction videos : the Video instructions CableNet + IEC-60364 are adapted for the new video Specific Polynomials

eXpress version : adapted Restart app with argument "C"; new button trial for starting the trial eXpress version in the installer

shortcut C : eXpress Clients need to start with a shortcut to Wnet64 C on the program folder (server) : read remark 3

Configuration CC : corrected the display for the cable configuration CC : triangle (item 4+5) : >2De adapted to >De; read the note

Input IB / IBth : correction input IB + IBth > Main point for calculation (scanf)

Configuration CC : for your notice read note 1 and 2 in topic CC = cable configuration

Special factor : new factor_s for the printer output of the Vector diagram and Arc Flash labels

CAD Help : direct support for the CAD HELP > Wcad32-e.chm  in several topics

Correction scheme : correction scheme after switching the other graphic modes (zoom + offset)

Hamonics (3) : read higher Harmonics (3) : read note 1 and 2

Bugs+corrections : correction Power Supply Manager (adapt main Power supply); correction Toolbar (status)

New developments : INTELEC BIM Revit plugin, integration with databases Schneider Electric...