Installing the INTELEC Software

The default program-path = c:\program files\INTELEC\

Installing the Keylock version : goto the homepage and click the yellow download button below. Start the Installer 'INTELEC_20xx_Keylock.exe' (as administrator) on the server, check the program-path and click Install. For a new installation or after a mutation enter your Debtor-number in (see page References D=xxxxx) and click button 'makeUser’.

Network Keylock type S (usb) : download and install the SPI driver on the server; open 'netlock-e_help.exe’ for all details. Read remark 1; rule 1 contains the type keylock (C,L or S); rule 2 contains the protocol (read remark 2); change this to 9 for starting the keylock in LOCAL mode (standalone). In case of failure 'Netlock Error :: USER.N’ : start the Installer, enter your Debtor-number and click button 'makeUser’; read remark 3.

Network Keylock type S (SPI drivers + tools + netlock.chm+exe) :

Netwerk Keylock type S driver (SPI) : Sentinel Protection Installer

Install the eXpress version : goto the homepage and click the red download button. Start the Installer 'INTELEC_20xx_eXpress.exe' (as administrator) on de server, check the program-path and click Install and follow the instructions in the Registration E-mail; for eXpress everything is arranged through the online account. For all details : Customer instructions

Remark 1 : the 'general program adjustments’ can be changed from the Installer : click button Menu and 'general program adjustments' or start 'Wnetxx i’ in the programma-path (xx=32 or 64 bit)

Remark 2 : rule 2 from the 'general program adjustments’ contains the protocol for keylock type S: 0=autodetect, 1=IPX/SPX, 2=Netbios, 3=TCP/IP, 4=NWLINK IPX/SPX, 5=Netbios Any, 9=Local mode

Remark 3 : start the application with a shortcut to : programma-path\Wnetxx.exe (xx=32 or 64 bit). In the program-path the clients need full-permissions. For the network version you need to make 'users’ : open the HELP (Wnet32.chm) choose index and enter : 'users'; in the HELP topics you will find all answers to your questions...

CD-ROM : the INTELEC Software can be delivered on CD-ROM; after the installation, you still need to download and install 'INTELEC_20xx_Keylock.exe'


INTELEC cannot be claimed for any damage as a result of incorrect use of the INTELEC application software or incorrect interpretations of the results from the application.