INTernational ELECtrotechnical Engineering Software

INTELEC Systems BV is founded in 1988 and is formed by a team of electrotechnical engineers, with many years of experience in software development (since 1980). The division INTELEC Software is responsible for the development, sales and support of the electrotechnical Engineering software. The software is developed and maintained with Microsoft Visual Studio and is available for all the Windows platforms and networks.

Technical knowledge IEC-60364

From 1988 INTELEC collected a extended knowledge with IEC-60364 regulations and introduced the integrated CableNet program on the market (1993) in cooperation with the Dutch Energy company NUON. Since that time the program grew dynamically and up to 3000 licenses have been sold ( INTELEC References ). On a regular base INTELEC releases program and database updates.


INTELEC Software products

The main INTELEC products are :

  1. Cable calculations IS-IEC-60364 LTE+
  2. integral Cable calculations IS-CableNet + IEC-60364 LTE+
  3. integral IS-CableNet BIM Revit plugin
  4. IS-CAD integral design + IEC-60617

For a review of customers see INTELEC References.

INTELEC Support 

The INTELEC Software includes a 3 months garanty and also 3 months free support. After this period most companies join for the maintenance contract for all the coming updates and technical support for a lifetime warranty. 

Maintenance contract

Most companies join for the maintenance contract on the INTELEC products. The costs are 12% from the purchase price with a minimal of 45,- Euro every year (exclusive support) and 90,- Euro (inclusive support). Every extra license has a extra charge of 1%. For the site-contract the costs are successively 16% and an extra charge of 2% for every extra license.

The maintenance contract includes :

  • changes in the (electro) technical regulations and norms 
  • changes and extensions in the existing modules and databases
  • free downloads of the updates ( Updates and Downloads )
  • inclusive support : unlimited E-mail support 

IS-Telplan (lease)

You can also lease the INTELEC Software see INTELEC Price information

Technical workshops and trainings 

INTELEC supports extended technical workshops and trainings for :

  1. Cable calculations IEC-60364 LTE
  2. integral CableNet calculations CableNet + IEC-60364
  3. general training IEC-60364

For further information see Technical workshops and Technical trainings

Video Instructions

The application can be delivered on CD-ROM and includes extended instruction-video's

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