Technical trainings 


INTELEC supports extended technical trainings :

  1. Cable calculations IEC-60364 LTE
  2. integral CableNet calculations CableNet + IEC-60364
  3. general training IEC-60364

The maximum number of participants for every training is 15 and the trainings consist of 1 or 2 dayparts (each of 3 hours), which are divided in a theoretical and practical part. The trainings can take place on location and the content of the trainings can be managed.

The theoretical part :
The teacher gives an extended technical presentation of the application in 2 parts. The first part (1,5 hour) includes the IEC-60364. A number of practical examples will be executed and the most important parameters and adjustments will be treated. The next 1,5 hour the teacher will explain the integral program IS-CableNet. The interaction between both programs will be demonstrated and the miscellaneous calculations and results are illustrated. Technical questions can be answered during and at the end of the sessions. 

The following subjects will be explained in detail :

Cable-calculations IEC-60364 :
- starting the program
- the project-manager
- general construction of the modules
- database protections (fuses and circuit breakers)
- database cables + railsystems
- standard calculations (library)
- calculate 3-phase motors
- groups in a collection
- miscellaneous Help-functions

Integral CabelNet-calculations :
- starting the program
- the project-manager
- design a complete installation
- the miscellaneous integral calculations + results
- miscellaneous Help-functions

  in cooperation with SOBA Trainings 

The practical part :
With the assistance of the Syllabus and a number of cases the engineers will be trained to work with both applications. The teacher supports the participants in designing practical solutions and will learn them how to enter (complex) installations. The interaction between both programs will be treated with a possible number of cases to examine the knowledge of the engineers. 

The practical part consists of the following subjects :

Cable-calculations IEC-60364 
- how to organize  collections
- entering groups in collections
- basic installation-methods
- choice of fuses and circuit breakers
- power / rated-current / cosinus-phi
- cable core-sizes
- copy groups
- maximal length of cables
- connecting motors

Integral CabelNet-calculations :
- starting the program
- designing new installations
- transformer / generator choice
- connecting distributors
- connecting collections
- input of an existing installation
- connecting tappings
- integral calculations + results
- searching for solutions

Custom made training :
It is also possible to concentrate on specific (existing) installations. A specific consultation in advance will be necessary to make a plan (quotation)

Review of rates on location (exclusive tax) Euro
1 daypart (1x3 hours)       -,-
1 day (2 dayparts / 2x3 hours) -,-
travelling costs per hour -,-
renting price beamer per day(part) -,-
syllabus per set (training) -,-
syllabus per set (separately) -,-

There is an extra charge for the mentioned rates of 100% outside the normal working hours (from 8.00 am until 17.00 pm).
For the practical part laptop`s can be arranged by INTELEC. The rates are -,- Euro per laptop and maximal 2 persons can use 1 laptop. Normal delivery of a training will be 3 to 4 weeks. There will be charge of  25% of the total costs when a training will be cancelled within 1 week before the planned day. There will be a charge of 100% of the total costs when a training is cancelled within 1 day before the planned day.

See also Technical workshops

For a training we need the following data :

E-Mail address
Number of  participants Delivery date
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Possible remarks /  questions :

This reservation will be confirmed. When you did not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, please contact INTELEC (tel:+31 413-260685)