INTernational ELECtrical Power Engineering according IEC 60364 + 60617
Calculate single conductors or design complete electrical installations according to IEC 60364. Since 1988 INTELEC supplied thousands of Engineers, with the integral IS-CableNet + IEC 60364 application, including IS-CAD (+) IEC-60617. Download and evaluate the eXpress Trial version of this advanced, money and time saving Power Engineering application. 

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actual keylock version (usb dongle)   version 6.4A :: 24-01-2024
actual eXpress version (+30 days Trial) version 6.4A :: 24-01-2024
eXpressUsb > version 6.5A
compare the IEC 60364 modules LTE and LTE+ and IS-CAD (+) IEC 60617

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INTELEC instruction Videos Download links
integral CableNet INTELEC_CableNet.exe
IEC-60364 modules INTELEC_IEC-60364.exe
integral CAD (2D) INTELEC_CAD.exe
Databases + Polynomials INTELEC_Polynomials.exe
integral Import + Export (csv) INTELEC_Import_Export.exe
PV Solar systems (AC+DC) INTELEC_PV.exe
INTELEC SaaS instructionsINTELEC_SaaS.exe

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