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All inquiries for support have to be send by E-mail to The support-team can control the flow of inquiries in a more efficient way. Normally you can expect the reply within 4 or maximal 24 hours. For urgent cases the helpdesk can be reached by telephone in the morning, during working days from 9.00 am until 12.00 am (Dutch time).

When you have questions or doubts about calculation(s), your inquiry needs the following attachments : the calculation(s) (in pdf-form) and/or all (project) files (zie Help:backup/zip). We also need a clear description of the problem(s) you encountered. In case of networkproblems with the keylock(s) we need to know exactly which changes have been made in your environment, since the problem occurred.

Support or Engineering ?

Inquiries for making or checking calculations for 1 or more calculations are being treated as engineering-inquiry . Inquiries concerning 1 or more calculations, without attachments are also treated as engineering-inquiry .



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Remark : when you have questions or doubts about the results of calculation(s), you have to attach these in your Email seperately (see above).

This inquiry will be confirmed. When you did not receive a confirmation within 8 hours, please contact INTELEC (tel:+31 413-260685)